Ansarada Virtual Data Room Review

The volume of documents is growing, and there is a growing need to receive and exchange documents quickly. Many companies are excited about the idea of a paperless office, but the real challenge is finding and securing data that is often sensitive. In this case, the Ansarada data room is a good variant. So, how does it work?

Ansarada data room for better business productivity

In today’s digital world, the number of documents in use is growing rapidly. The effective functioning of each organization, regardless of its profile, is directly dependent on the level of operational processing of documentation and information and the speed of interaction between the structural divisions and counterparties. Therefore, workflow automation is one of the primary tasks of modern business.

For this purpose, the IT market has presented a dozen full-packed digital software solutions. Ansarada virtual data room is among them. It is a platform for effective business management, which helps save time and increase efficiency by fully or partially automating such work processes as marketing, online sales, document flow, achieving business goals, and customer interaction. Moreover, you can use the platform both in the enterprise’s local network and via the Internet from any device with an installed browser without installing any additional software.

For large companies that work with hundreds and thousands of external documents every month, the introduction of the Ansarada data room will help reduce costs and save hundreds of thousands of rubles a year, reduce the risk of losing documents and the risks associated with errors in documentation and receiving fines from the tax authorities. If an organization works with invoices and submits VAT returns, the company has many branches, and a large number of counterparties from different regions, the transition to the data room is fully justified.

The functionality of the Ansarada data room

The employees can work with data room documents following their access level: find, view, save to their computer, print, and forward. Editing capabilities allow them to highlight document fragments and add comments and tags. The data room is ideal for quick approval of documents. Departments and personal seals can stamp the electronic document. At the same time, the entire history of working with the document and viewing it is saved. Ansarada ensures the maintenance of a single database that excludes the duplication of documents and information, which allows you to significantly save time registering and copying documents and their transportation between remote structural units.

Let’s review the basic principles of Ansarada data room functionality:

  • possibility to create and configure composite workflow processes;
  • definition of a parallel or sequential scheme of document processing;
  • creation of documents according to templates. Automatic filling of document fields with registration card attribute values ​​and data from external sources;
  • documents for one transaction are linked into a single set, so all supporting documents are always at hand. To find a set, in the search, it is enough to specify one or more details;
  • limited data access. Access to the archive is limited: rights are regulated depending on the details of the document and the user role;
  • a customized route regulates document processes – the circle of approvers and the terms of consideration are clearly defined;
  • full audit and history of work with the document.

Thus, preparation for the introduction of the Ansarada data room implies the optimization of business processes, which undoubtedly affects the strengthening of control and positively affects the organization’s overall efficiency. Electronic documents’ “transparent” movement through strictly defined stages will not allow users to neglect their duties.